How To Deal With A Married Lover: Relationship Advice

Hi Luvlies! This video is this for those who feel they have met someone special, and this person jus so happens to be married! I will provide my perspective on this type of relationship, as well as advice. Enjoy and Thanks For Watching!

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in love with a married man
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  1. Girl,Thank you.Im attractive to my neighbor that is married.He has flirted with me for 8 years.And we finally kissed New Years.Hes Aries and I’m Pisces.But I would never want to hurt his beautiful wife.And I’m sure he would not want to eather.How can I stop thinking about him now.Please help..

  2. what if they are cheating but also going out of the way to keep their spouse? Not sure why are they cheating but they claim to be in love with their spouse and have respect for them.

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