How To Get A Second Date: 5 Ways To Getting The Second Date

“How To Get A Second Date: 5 Ways To Getting The Second Date”
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The best way to get a second date with a girl is to make the FIRST one so FUN, and interesting, and memorable that she’ll gladly accept your invitation to go out with you on a second one.

In this video, I’m going to teach you 5 of my BEST ways for getting a second date. They are:

1. Make sure the date is FUN. Make her laugh, have interesting stories, and flirt with her. [0:25]

2. Show your interest in her. Be engaging, ask her questions, and get to know her more. [1:10]

3. Treat the people around with you respect. Be nice to EVERYBODY you run into. [1:52]

4. Should you pay for the date? Doing so is CHIVALROUS is will win you BIG points with her. [2:17]

5. Set up the second date ON the first date. Don’t wait until later. Plan it out now. [2:36]

When you make your first dates fun and memorable, make her feel special while you’re with her, show her your best self, and take care of the bill, you’ll have a MUCH better chance of getting a second date.

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