How To Have A Cheap Date Night

This video I cover ideas for a cheap date and how to have a cheap date. One of the best things you can do is plan in advanced, we went to Olive Garden, which I got deals for. We also went to see a movie. times things get more expensive the longer you wait. If you have a favorite restaurant you can try to buy coupons or vouchers for it in advanced. You can actually go on ebay and buy restaurant gift cards for cheap too. You can also use coupons on top of gift cards, which is great! Or, coupon stacking at a restaurant. You can sign up for restaurant programs online too where you get emailed the latest deals. Don’t forget to track down movie theater coupons for popcorn, etc. Going out to the movies during the day is better too!


  1. Don’t  do the lemon thing. Restaurant lemons are germy 😛 Besides I know you can get a deal on Mio better than just about anyone!

  2. k i know this is way old to comment but i thought you hunched because some stores did not like the filming lol and thanks for sharing these vids i have been couponing for abou 9 months now and i love watching videos that help me get better

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  4. I never buy food at movie theaters. It’s always way overpriced. I usually go to a dollar store and buy some candy to bring in with me. Really big purses are best for that. And I don’t take anything out of my purse until the lights go down. Been doing it for years!

  5. Make sure you TIP appropriately! Just because your total isn’t much doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider the work your server did. My mom worked at OG for two years. People come in with GCs, coupons, order the unlimited Soup and Salad, send her back to the kitchen 10 times, stay at the table two hours and tip $5! (just an example) My mom’s a great waitress, so it was just the people being cheap. Consider that in that two hour time frame she could’ve had 3 or 4 tables each tipping $5!

  6. another thing we do instead of the lemons and making lemonade buy the crystal light water bottle packs and keep them in you bag and out those in you water at restaurants.

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