How To Have A Great First Date With A Guy

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No one likes awkward, unenjoyable or just flat out waste of time first dates.

It can only take one ‘bad’ first date to put you off dating entirely! You never know, amidst the frustration, what the next first date you go on could have in store for you. If you don’t learn to love first dates – it could literally cost you Mr. Right.

That’s why it’s so important to make every single first date as enjoyable as you can. No matter who it’s with, there ARE certain things you can do to make your first dates smoother, easier and more fun. So today, I’ve created a video on how to have a great first date. In it, I discuss seven simple but powerful techniques to give all your first dates the maximum chance of success. Once you know how to have a great first date, you’re good dates will become incredible, and even the not so good ones will seem like they were worth your time 🙂

You never know when your first date could be with Mr. Right. Make sure you’re prepared and have these simple tips in your mind ready to have a great first date with him!

Have other great tips for how to have a great first date? I’d love to hear them! Post in the comments below.

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  1. Thanks for the videos – I’m re-entering the dating world after being married 25 years and things have changed a lot!!

  2. Heyy Mark! Love your channel i watch every single video you are so inspiring thank you for your advises!! I have a question though… its kind of lame but i think a lot of people struggle with it… what’s the perfect gift to get to a guy on his birthday without using these cliche ideas like teddy bears and moochie stuff???

  3. On my first date I was sitting across him and It was the best thing .. we had such a great connection and couldn´t stop staring at each other.. on this I must disagree with you. Sitting across and looking in the eyes is the best, at least for me.

  4. We should be equal in our rights in society , but we never be “equal in EVERY way”, Mark. We have different psychology. Even in 21st century men born with penises and women with vagina (and a womb for caring babies). There is a higher sense in this. Deep inside girls want to have a nice husband (not a unlimited string of men). Because if she is pregnant or taking care of the kids- he should take that role as a breadwinner. That’s why yes, women should expect men to pay for that coffee, dinner or whatever.. Even rich women want that ( I have 12 properties in Australia and NZ, for example). Because it makes them feel as women and it’s nice to have a real man next to you (even for 1 date), it turns on. Women like men-leaders, generous in every way, not a stingy playboys. I hope u understand it one day- you are a smart boy! Still entertaining to watch your videos.

  5. Oh wow- how smart to subtly make women feel uncool, not “sexually confident”, not “outgoing” because they expect men to be a gentlemen during first dates. And call men who ARE real men and pay during the dates- “insecure”..And young women believe in this BS and becoming a “free cow”.. Why would men be responsible and show that they know how to court, protect and take care of the woman and family if women don’t “need” it anymore.. Woman, thanks to such propaganda,, no longer want to depend on the man she chose- instead she becomes “independent” and depends on her boss. Well done! Easy life for so called “men”.

  6. I have a question that hasnt been touched on. age differences. I have found myself getting ready for a first date with a guy….he is 34 I am 52. we are both aware of what others will say and we are dong aany. Some would not go for it.

  7. pwahahaha Mark my love i had never watched this one i got something out of it coz soon am going my first date!! Jesus! hahahaha thanks bae

  8. I feel like he likes me. I’m staying possitive. I’m giving him green lights I’m nervous to take a chance. Your video helped. Thanks

  9. Mark. I watched your video on first dates. you had my full my case Shane Harte and are into the performing arts like. A lot.we both act ,sing and write songs. What would you suggest for our first date ?

  10. Hi Mark Ive been recently introduced to your videos while Im not 100% in agreement with everything you advise, as Im abit of a rules girl, Id love to hear a video from you regarding online dating the dos and donts ect. take care thank you

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