How To Have A Romantic Date Night In

Our idea of a good date night in includes good food, low-stress and lots of laughs. We love cooking from scratch, but there are so many options for quality, ready-to-eat meals, that sometimes a low-maintenance dinner is KEY. That’s why we teamed up with Bertolli to show you how simple date night in can really be! SUBSCRIBE to LEAFtv for more!

We’re eating Bertolli Shrimp Scampi & Linguine:



1. Make Yourself Feel Extra Special: Get dolled up for the night, even if you are just staying in!

2. Add An Element of Surprise: Whether you surprise each other with flowers or gifts, it’s always nice to know you’re thinking of each other.

3. Make A Delicious, Easy-To-Prepare Meal: Spend more time with your loved one and less in the kitchen by making a good quality, easy meal. We love Bertolli’s heat and serve pasta dishes (they even give you the perfect wine pairing on the back of each bag! Bonus points!)

4. Set The Mood: Light up some high and low candles for great mood lighting.

5. MANGIA! (So, Eat!): Enjoy the night, create new memories and have fun.

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  1. you guys;s videography skills Thooo !!!! loved this video so cute reminds me of ratatouille the movie whahahah

  2. I usually love your videos but this just seemed like a sponsored gimmick. Considering almost all the food videos and recipes are healthy, this frozen dinner just seems like a cop-out. Sorry

  3. Ah yes, nothing says romance like a frozen dinner…. Let’s just say it is not my style. But I have to admit that guy is very handsome!

  4. Great video but I have to say your refrigerator stole the show. I had no idea there was a fridge out there with a soft-serve compartment! What have I been doing without one?!?

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