How To Impress A Girl: The 3 C’s To Impress A Girl

“How To Impress A Girl: The 3 C’s To Impress A Girl”
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If you want to impress a girl. And I mean really impress her. You have to do something more. You have to work on yourself from the inside out and then let it show.

In this video, I’m going to go over the 3 C’s for impressing a girl you like.

Here they are:

1. Confidence. This is critical. believe in yourself and your ability to do something. [0:52]

2. Courage. Go after your dreams. Take risks. Be spontaneous. Surprise her. [1:15]

3. Competence. Be good at something and be doing something with your life. [1:52]

4. Clothes. Know how to dress well to look good and really impress her. [2:20]

When you can be confident with your words and actions, live with courage, be competent at something, and wear nice clothes that fit you well, you’ll be able to impress ANY girl that you’re with.

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