How To Impress Girls – Best Ways to Impress A Girl You Like

Wanna know how to impress a girl you like? Well, there she is, the girl of your dreams. You look across the bar or a crowded room and there she is: nice smile, great hair, amazing body, and you just want to get to know her.

But how do you impress her? How to you make her notice you?

When you look at this girl you feel all warm and tingly all over, a sign that she is someone special.

Watching your dream girl from across the room is one thing, trying to impress her is something else. So what now? How do you impress the girl of your dreams? Want to know how to get that girl to notice you? Here are some tips on how to impress a girl.


If you are in a group of guys, the IQ does tend to drop, but if you act smarter than the others guys you are definitely going to make an impression.


When you talk to this girl really listen to her. Think about it, if you are really listening to what she is saying and talking to her and asking questions, you will definitely show her that you value her as a human being.

A girl that feels special hanging around with you will make her want to keep hanging around with you. Get it?

Eye contact

Eye contact is important because it makes a connection to someone. Eye contact is also a sign of self-confidence and strength. You want this girl to know you have your head together, then all you need to do is look her in the eye.

Besides, looking her in the eye is also a great way to find out what color eyes she’s got, and nothing is cooler to a girl then when you know what color her eyes are.


If something is bugging you or even making you mad, tell her all about it. It may seem dumb, but most guys can be very closed mouth about something that bothers them, and nothing will made a girl madder than a guy that’s clearly mad or frustrated yet will not say a word. What have you got to lose? You want this girl to be impressed, and talking about whatever is bugging you will also make you feel better. Think about it, you get two good results for the price of one

!Honesty: The saying about honesty being the best policy can be true in this case. If you don’t think you can be impressive enough for her, why don’t you try telling her the truth? The honesty will be refreshing to her, and the fact you came clean about things will be impressive to her. And that is what you want to do, right?

Be yourself

Yes you are trying to impress a girl, but just be sure you are not being phony about who you are. No matter how much you do to get her interested in you, it will never replace the person you really are, and that is who you want this girl to know, the real you.

Find something you both have in common

Like to read? Like music? Like movies? There has to be something you both share an interest in. Say for example you both like movies, then you can use that to impress her. Why not spring for a new movie coming out? Or maybe if you are strapped for cash you can go to the local video rental place and find older movies? Or even better, try a video service like Netflix, they have a lot of videos available that you can just stream online.

Try hooking your laptop up to the big TV, pop some popcorn, and have fun! This will impress her because you thought of something fun and you went through the effort to make it a fun night.

It doesn’t take a genius to impress a girl, especially if you really do want someone in your life. As long as you play things cool and show her respect, you will have a girlfriend in no time.

Just be who you are and don’t be afraid to show this girl that you really are just a regular guy looking for that special girl. We are all trying to find a love connection, there’s no shame in not wanting to be alone.

You are a special guy, all you need now is that special girl to share your life with.

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