How To Maintain a Healthy Longterm Relationship | Marriage & Dating Advice

Relationship advice given by a 21 year old gay married couple! 3 tips for you to follow for you to keep your relationship healthy whether you are dating or married. We made this video not exclusively for gay couples, but for all couples! Hope that you can attain some insightful tools with achieving longevity with your love life! It’s so easy to allow insecurities from being genuine lovers to the people we care about, so again, we present to you 3 tips on maintaining healthy longterm relationships


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  1. I was immature relationship-wise in my younger days. I was serious about my relationship but not educated in how to handle the communication, the expectations, and the boundaries in an open and mature manner. Nice to see that the two of you have a solid understanding of those basic, essential tools. Good for you! I wish I had your level of relationship maturity when I was your age. You’re so correct about maintaining your individual identities while at the same time being a unified couple. Last year my parents celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary, so I had good role models. But alas, I’ve been single for many years. My best to you!

  2. I am warning you out of Love. Jesus doesn’t want anyone to perish but all to come to Repentance (ask for forgiveness from Jesus Christ and turn from your Sins and your Homosexuality) and be Saved from Hell. If you want to know how to make sure you are going to Heaven when you Die. Please

  3. this makes me happy! i lost some friends because they started relationship and don’t make time to talk to me anymore, i’m gonna share the link on FB and I hope they watch it

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