How To Maintain A Long Distance Relationship

I have gathered the TOP 8 tips on how to successfully have a LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP. Follow these tips and you and your distant loved one will be just fine!

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  1. I live in Tennessee and my boyfriend is moving back to L.A I’ve known him for 3years and we started going out yesterday. I hope this relationship last

  2. I didn’t notice the dark spot on the wall until you pointed it out and i had to hide it with my finger so i could focus on the video…

  3. Hmm. So what if I love them more than anything, and want nothing but to be with them, but because of my self loathing and mental health, I don’t want them to see me? And also they don’t reply cx
    It’s quite annoying. To the point where it’s making a negative impact on my everyday life.
    Any advice? (:

  4. i have a girl and we are LDR , she is from malasia and im from philippines ^^ we need still to wait more than 5 years to see each other and to be together and now i aleady depressed because of not seing her in person , but we are faithfull to each other ^^ we loved each other so much! ^^ im not good in engilsh i want to share more but hard to say it in english ^^ hehehehehe ^^ Btw we met at a game ^^ i cant wait to be together with my future wife ^_^

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