How to Make a Man Look for You

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Maybe it has happened to you that after a date or the first outings with your ideal man, he literally disappears from the earth, does not give signs of life or you see him connected but he does not even say “hello.”

What happened then?

How did that spark die so fast?

Why did all of his attention for you disappear?

Well, stop worrying because today I will teach you some infallible secrets on how to make a man look for you desperately and start or resume that relationship that will change your life.

1. Wait.

Do not act like other ordinary and desperate girls would, that is, do not call every half hour or send thousands of text messages and take your time to respond.

Where is all this going?

Remember that men like to strive even a little for the woman they want, and with this, you will keep him thinking about what is the best strategy to go for you.

2. Availability.

The mistake of all the girls in love is that just the man of their dreams invites them out, they run to him and this only makes him lose interest in you but here is another secret of how to make a man look for you, just be stronger.

It is a question of not showing up so available and that although you want to accept without doubting going out, take a deep breath and reject a couple of outings with some excuse.

Whenever you reject him, do it with a mischievous smile and make him note that you want to go out with him but you can not for some reason.

Do not make it customary to reject going out with him because he could go after another woman.

To learn more about How to Make a Man Look for You, CLICK below to download my FREE ebooks:

3. Flatter him.

One of the best secrets of how to make a man look for you is that “Every man has an ego to feed”, so every time you talk to him, look at him with interest, ask about things that interest him, admire the things please him.

Remember that you should not flatter him until he becomes the central theme.

It is important that you also share the same things that you like, your hobbies, that way he will know that even if you are interested in him, you also have important things to share and for which you are the best person that could be with him.

4. Social life.

Show him that you have many friends, that is, that in your life you have activities to do without him necessarily being by your side.

With this, you will show him that you are independent so he will be more than willing to be together, be part of your hobbies and life.

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To learn more about How to Make a Man Look for You, CLICK below to download my FREE ebooks:
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