How To Make A Man Obsessively Desire You

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Have you noticed that something between you has broken? Doesn’t already exist the passion that you had before? If you want to make your man miss you again and spend time with you as before, note these 8 things you should start doing now.

1. Leave him personal items with your perfume.

All men go crazy with the smell of women perfume. And yours is not going to be the exception. Leave him your objects in his home or in his car sprayed with your perfume, whenever he smells them he will think of you. That will make him desire you more.

2. Leave him romantic notes.

It is the best detail to make him remember you and miss you. When he finds your note in his pants pocket or backpack, he will die to look forward to the time to be with you.

3. Send him beautiful pictures.

We are not referring to you to send him sexual pictures, but pictures that remind him how well you spent it the last time you were together. It can be a picture or a photo of the two of you.

4. Have a life and go out with your friends.

Do not be the typical partner who needs to be 24 hours with her man and that leaves aside her life. Go out with your friends and have fun, that way you’ll be so much happier when you’re with him, and when you’re not together he’ll see what a good time you’re having and will want to be close to you instantly. The best thing to do is show him that you can have fun without him.

5. Do not suffocate him.

The best way to get a man to miss you is by giving him his space. Stop calling him and sending him messages at all hours and wait for him to do it himself. When he sees that you do not need to be aware of what he’s doing all day, he’ll begin to miss you.

6. Prepare him a weekend full of passion.

The frantic pace of your lives makes it difficult for you to have a good time together. But that is easily solved. Prepare him a passionate weekend for just the two of you and let him know ahead of time. He will die for that day to arrive to be with you.

7. Do not be aware of him all day.

Do not answer him right away. That does not mean you’re less in love with him or you’re angry. Make him miss you a little more and do not answer his messages right away. So he will see that is not the center of your life and will want to know more about you.

8. Send him romantic messages.

Send him messages reminding him how well you passed the day you were together, or how good you feel at his side, to make him feel what he’s missing by not being with you at that moment.

Do you know any other tips to make a man desire you? Tell us in the comments section below.

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