How to Recognize True Love

Is it true love, just infatuation, or obsessive love addiction? In a real partnership, it’s never “all about you.” True lovers respect each other’s feelings and when you truly love someone, you never want to hurt her or cause her pain. Read more →

Donna Barnes NYU Certified Life & Relationship Coach
Author of Giving Up Junk-Food Relationships

Love can conquer all. It sounds so simple, right? Wrong! One of the hardest concepts to accept is that loving someone just isn’t enough. Too many men and women allow themselves to become doormats because they believe true love will triumph. They’re convinced that there will never be another person they will love as much, so they hang on to their relationship even when their love is not appropriately returned or appreciated. They make all sorts of excuses for their partner’s bad or even abusive behavior, all in the name of love. But that’s not real love. That’s the kind of dysfunction that gives love a bad name. Love isn’t supposed to hurt. True love feels great! It helps keep you happy and in good health, and it helps you feel empowered.

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