How to Survive High School: Your First Crush!


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Created by Eva Gutowski
Produced by SelectNext (

Executive Producers: Eva Gutowski, Adam Wescott, Scott Fisher
Producer: Laura Scarpati (
Written by Annie Stamell (
Directed by Michael Gallagher (;
Cinematography and Editing by Brian Christ (

Jordan Schroeder as JEREMY (
Macy Sanchez as ELIZABETH (
Jason Caceres as JUAN (
Sheila Carrasco as MOM (
Teala Dunn as JASMINE (
Alexa Losey as TIFFANY DEMARCO (
Rachel Talbott as HOT ENGLISH TEACHER (
Ran Wei as SOO CHIN (
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  1. I’ve had a crush on this boy
    But later to find out 3 boys who look like a donkey are crushing on me
    *jesus christtttt*

  2. When your crush is one year older and doesn’t know who you are but has made eye contact once or twice

    Me: *dying in the inside*

  3. The plot really resembles my story.But i was the one that was liked not the one who has a crush,i accidentaly saw the diary of the girls notebook and knew that she had a crush on me,i was like:meh i dun care and then when she knew like 2 or 3 months later that i knew,she kept avoiding me lol XD for 2 years

  4. XD my first crush i don’t remember,but my first love i do.I was riding public transp when i saw him,i actually got to sit next to him XD he offered the seat but it was very brief cuz i was close to my stop,very sad 🙁

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