How to tell if He is Mr. Right
How to tell if He is Mr. Right
Often you may be captivated by a guy when you see him, but you still need to know how to tell if he is Mr. Right. When you meet him, you may feel like your life has changed forever. Perhaps it has; perhaps he truly is your Mr. Right. The question is how are you going to find out if he is?

There are certain signs that will allow you to tell if he is the perfect guy for you. Keep a close eye on him and see if you can observe any of the following:

• If he seems genuinely interested in you and wants to get to know you better. Then he probably a good match for you. You can tell he is interested in you by the fact that he listens to you when you speak and responds when he should. He is also more interested in hearing about your hobbies and your career than your bra size.
• Does he try and anticipate your needs and feelings? When you’re sick, does he come over and bring you soup without being asked? Does he remember your birthday and other important dates that matter to you? If he is this thoughtful and considerate that is how you can tell if he is Mr. Right.
• He is spending more and more time with you. If he can’t see you each and every day, he will talk with you via Skype or call or text you. When he can spend quality time with you, he makes a point of taking you to your favorite places or new places that you’ve mentioned in past conversations.
• When you talk to him about your dreams and ambitions, he doesn’t tell you to get real. He asks what he can do to help you realize your goals. He is supportive and believes that you can do anything you set your mind to. If you were still wondering how to tell if he is Mr. Right, that was your answer right there. Only a man who truly cares for you will support you in going after goals that may appear unattainable.
• The two of you share common values. If you want children and he hates them, then he’s not the perfect match for you. If you can see at least two kids in your future, and he’s willing to consider at least four, then he is your Mr. Right.

Spending time with a guy and getting to know him better is the perfect way to tell if he is Mr. Right.

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