How To TINDER Better – How To Attract Women in Online Dating – 40 Tips for MEN – Text Game may look like your bank manager… but he is a subconscious behaviorist who knows a thing or two about human psychology, and can help you do better with women. Wondering what to do to increase the attraction women feel for you? Do you want to have more dates with beautiful women or simply improve your text game? If so, pay attention and follow these 40 tips today and start having the success with women you always wanted…
Online dating into for men from an experienced subconscious behaviorist.
If you want to use online dating or text game for love or relationships, or simply to get a girlfriend as you flirt or learn seduction through sms you have come to the right place. There are lots of tips here on how to meet and pick up women online on Tinder, POF or any other website or chat platform.


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