How we met on OkCupid, 1st date, 1st kiss and more! Our relationship story 🙂 Online dating success story

Online dating actually works! How me and my husband met on OkCupid, our very 1st date and the first kiss that stole my heart… or did it?!?! All the juicy details about how we met!

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My name is Myka and I am a 27 year old mother to 2 beautiful little girls and married to the man of my dreams. Best way to show your support is to subscribe to my channels and social media! Would love to hear from everyone 🙂


  1. I’m looking for serious relationship for true love to create a small beautiful family with all happiness. I’m 24 years old man never married. If you know an American woman single, just let me know to keep in touch with her to know her and know me !! Thank you.

  2. Hey Myka I love your story of how you and your husband met. Meeting people online definitely does seem to be the way it is heading and just how people are interacting with other people in this modern age lol. I laughed when he says he was surprised because it was rare because of how beautiful you are. I hope to see many more videos of you and your family. You guys are the sweetest family I have come across on YouTube

  3. Mexican /Latino men love white women. Time for media to represent Mexican men and white women interracial relationship.

  4. Me and my boyfriend also met ok OkCupid! Yes online dating does work for some people! & I messaged my boyfriend first too 🙂 we both weren’t planning on getting into a relationship at the time and just wanted to hangout and have fun.. but eventually we fell for each other, not married yet but we did move in together after only dating for 3 months but it was the best decision for us.

  5. People need nice height AND build like these 2. No wonder it worked
    out. Let them have the metabolism of a super skinny male and see them
    posting a horror story….the story of their life.

    I think since 2012 my total number of messages from OKcupid from girls
    is 0, unless you count scammers. Almost the same thing in real life (the
    handful of girls who started a nice convo with me in my life never
    amounted to anything).

    Before you reply with advice or assumptions about me plz note i heard it
    all and tried it all.

    So best bet is take over my pic/profile and if you can get me even 1
    date from someone with a reasonable age/local/build i will admit im
    wrong and thank you and pay you or kiss your ass or anything. Otherwise,
    you gain a great learning experience and i feel less crazy knowing you
    failed too. At this rate i will be the 40 year old virgin and die
    alone. 🙁
    p.s. if i become famous disregard this comment lol

  6. I met my husband on okcupid as well, we have been happily married 6 years now. I also messaged my husband first haha.

  7. I feel really bad for him that you kept calling him all these names. Saying he was so boring and nerd and a weirdo and stuff :/
    every other sentence I felt like had a hidden insult…

  8. SO that’s why she messaged him because she was pregnant and wanted her baby to have a father figure- that makes sense. That baby is not even theirs, she had the baby with another man. I wish you guys the best. I personally don’t see the point in messaging guys. if they are interested they will message you. Unfortunately for me, I got 300 messages in a span of 3 days and their all crap. I delete some then it fills up again.. I’m taking a break. It truly is exhausting. Also, the men on that site now are all unkept and look like they need a good shower.

  9. Lol the comment section full with male ego.
    She approached first, she has a fit body, she has a pretty face and the most important thing is she looks like she is rich. So why is it weird? I’d go for her too and would take care of her kids. Consider it as adoption, maybe your ego will not bruised that much lol.

    But honestly, beside her physical appearance and personality, I’d go for her because she don’t look like she is going to bankrupt you which means she will love you, not your money. As long as you don’t have to pay for her, consider dating and marrying single moms. You will be a lot relaxed.

  10. I stopped the video at 3:40 because I heard all I needed to. Guys, whatever the cost, pay to have your teeth done. Get the braces, the ortho work, do the bleeching, whatever you have to. Get those teeth glowing and walk around talking with your uppers exposed and smile all the time. This is literally all women care about. They are suckers for nice teeth. You heard it right from the horses mouth in this video. All she said was I saw his smile, it was so warm and nice, and I messaged him about his smile.  Nothing about his interests or his life experiences. The SMILE alone is all you need. And look at him, even sitting there at rest he has this perma-smile plastered on his face with his uppers constantly exposed and shinning.

  11. Bet you could have met a man looking like that in any place no problem. He saw your nice bod and big tits was yay.

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