I Caught My Wife Cheating

What you should do if you discover that your wife or girlfriend is cheating on you and has been carrying on an affair with another man, but she seems uninterested in working things out, she blows hot and cold and continues to cheat.

In this video coaching newsletter, I discuss two emails from two different viewers. The first email is from a viewer who recently found out a few months ago that his wife of three years, who he has been together with for a total of eight years, has been cheating on him with one of her coworkers. He admits he was not dating and courting her properly, but he wants to get her back. She’s been living with a relative since about a week after he found out that she was cheating. She hasn’t really made any effort to make their relationship work, and she seems to show no emotion towards the idea of moving back in together or any affection towards him when they’re together. He makes dates together, he hangs out, he has fun, and he gets a little kissy-poo, but she always pulls back, and it never leads to sex. The second email is from a viewer who’s been together with his girlfriend about three years now. He was about to pop the question because he thought they had the perfect relationship. However, about a month ago he and his wife started hanging out with some new friends. One of the new friends was a guy he really liked and thought was a cool person to hang out with, so they hung out quite a bit and he was even hanging out with his wife while he was away at work. Well, about two weeks ago, she admitted that she slept with this new guy friend of theirs. She claims he came on to her, but he now feels as though he no longer knows her, and what they had is gone. He still loves her and is with her, but is unsure of what to do now. He asks for my opinion.

“People with a healthy self esteem, who love and respect themselves, who love and respect other people, and who place a high value on loyalty would never cheat on a lover or spouse, even if they are unhappy, because it is not honorable or the right thing to do. They simply will end the relationship when they are unhappy instead of looking for fulfillment outside of the relationship. When a relationship ends, they take time to grieve and develop a sense of peace within themselves before they start dating again. People who cheat tend to be insecure, selfish, narcissistic unhappy and have a low self worth. Since they have a low opinion of themselves, they project this on to other people and often feel no remorse or regret for hurting other people. Therefore, people who have a history of cheating, deception and a total lack of concern for the feelings of other people, should never be considered potential marriage partners, relationship material or someone to be in an exclusive relationship with. However, they can make great sex playmates, friends with benefits or people to have an open relationship with.” ~ Coach Corey Wayne

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