INFJ Relationship Advice Part 1

This video is advice for INFJs and all other types regarding romantic relationships.

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  2. Wow, great video.
    I’m an INFJ, and every relationship I’ve had has been a narcissist, and they all approached me.

  3. I’m an ENTP and I think you are very cute. Do keep in mind that ENTPs can be perceived as manipulative and narcissistic, but there have no ill intentions behind it. Its a social game that we undertake more frequently than we ought to.

    ENTPs and INFJ are very compatible with each other btw.

  4. Gosh, you don’t come across as an INFJ at all. You seem much more like an ISFJ. Is finding an abstract and ultimate answer to everything really one of your top priorities?

  5. The unhealthy relationship tendency is really a problem for INFJ girls more than the guys. Our big issue is not having relationships at all when we’re young.

  6. I had a close friend who was an INFJ. I’m an INTJ and we actually got along quite well. We both have introverted intuition. But, he got taken advantage of quite a lot and got into one relationship with a girl who was I think an ISTJ and really didn’t last that long. I think that both INFJ’s and INTJ’s are prone to bullying and are ones that might come off as weird or whatever. I don’t regret hanging out with him at all. A lot of people would give me a hard time as to why I would be friends with him. They were usually the jocks but I didn’t really care. He eventually moved because his parents divorced and in fairness I haven’t talked to him for many years. About eleven. I never really put up with bullying to be honest and think I came off as cold to a lot of people because I could harsh mainly why is I told he facts about pointed out how ignorant everyone else was in school. I live with an ESFJ and she’s overally emotional to the point of just me wanting to hit myself on the head with a bat. I read online that NJ’s and SJ’s are not good fits for relationships dating wise. I can see my god. Anyways, I saw your INTJ videos and it was really good and you made some great points. Have a nice one.

  7. i tend to get confused when their words and body language don’t match….but emotions can definitely cause Ni blindness sometimes when i fall in love.

  8. [ENFP] Being a sensitive empathic type myself most friendships or relationship attempts are very difficult. Ive been almost completely isolated since the age of ten. I remember walking around the schoolyard alone not able to interact with the other children much. Ive lost 8 friendships in the last five years including a best friend INFJ. In each case I have owned my part, apologized for a mistake and worked to change and grow. This does not seem to be enough. My ability to trust has been put through the grinding mill. Im not even sure what any of the following words mean anymore, trust friend love. I wonder if there is something deeply wrong with me that I cannot see that maybe Im the problem.

  9. It’s so me. It can change. It can change and will be stuck in an unhealthy relationship. I’m usually unknowingly drawn towards woman who are rigid, stubborn. Why I do this to myself.

  10. This is great information. I am seeing the behaviour pattern in a male friend right now and I do not like what I see. I have pushed those ideas aside because he is so much fun. Then I see his actions and I am sometimes horrified! He is not what my heart sees and my mind is sending me alert signals daily. I noticed his shows patterns tend to be narcissistic and he scares me sometimes.

  11. I am an ENTP, but I somehow relate quite strongly to the first point, about idealising the love interest. This has only ended in me getting hurt- I fall too fast, put on my rose coloured glasses and basically don’t realise when the person I care so much about is using me/ neglecting me/ manipulating me. I have to make a concerted effort now, not to do this. Putting someone on a pedestal is never healthy, as I have now realised. And it is not love.

  12. Hey Miss Melody! 6:25 im an INTP and I use to switch behavior based of my feelings! It’s a “negative” trait of this personality based on the Fe grip, and I say “negative” because it’s not bad at all. In my case, when i’m running in a good time, my behavior change completely and i’m in the “super alex” mode 😉 BUT the same happens when I don’t feel interested for nothing and I’m like, super calm and thinking and sometimes unmotivated. Do you remember what type was this dude?

  13. I am also an INFJ, I literally lived through all of what you have said, I feel like the perils and the pitfalls Iv been through have distroyed me in some ways. Leading me to trust less in people and to never have close relationships with others as a means to just simply not hurt ever again. I feel that people simply just don’t really understand me, that is the worst thing about this personally trait.

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