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Firstly you are doing something active and you are not stationary in the one spot or just sitting across from a table where it is vital to maintain constant conversation and eye contact which some men do struggle with.
The activity will build trust between the two of you. This is an activity that relies on one person to climb the wall, and the other to guide and support them below which is technically referred to as belaying.
If the belayer does not perform his or her role, the climbers life can be put at risk, so this activity requires trust and dependability which are great building blocks for a relationship.
Indoor rock climbing is a physically demanding task and will get your heart rate going, adrenaline pumping and feel good endorphins and chemicals releasing which are all elements on an ideal date wish list.
Indoor climbing offers different levels and options of wall difficulties and skill levels so this means that you have variety, and neither of you will feel out of your comfort zone or ability level.
Not only will rock climbing allow you to get to know your new date better or have fun with your long term partner, but you will also be burning calories and working your muscles at the same time.
Exercising, working your muscles and burning calories builds up your appetite which will could be a convenient excuse to extend an afternoon date into the night by grabbing something to eat afterwards.
Being indoors means that unlike many other date ideas, bad weather won’t ruin an otherwise great activity that you had gone to the effort to plan.
You are surrounded by other people which is good for early stage dates as you will feel less pressure to have to keep the conversation flowing. The other people around you may engage you in conversation or be conversation starters for the two of you.
Rock climbing promotes non creepy physical contact between one another, this may be helping her up onto or down from the wall and picking out each other’s harness wedgies. Any light hearted physical contact will break that imaginary physical barrier and make her feel more connected to you.
And one final note is that when you wear that harness, unless you are wearing compression tights which I certainly would not suggest any guy do for an early stage date, the harness will cause your shorts or cargo pants to clump and bunch at the front which is likely to make your

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