Joe Rogan (Good advice on men & women relationships)

Joe Rogan (Good advice on men & women relationships)
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The Greatest of all time inspiring video
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There is great power in being self-reliant
This is the age of the quitter
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Tradition becomes our security, and when the mind is secure it is in decay
We don’t achieve big things by accident
What It Takes To Be A Man
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Seeing yourself being worthy more than able


  1. My philosophy is, I can’t be with someone that doesn’t care about me you have to have the balls the courage to let go, self respect is the best things you could ever do to yourself…

  2. Hmm. I was actually fine before I watched this. I’m in a happy relationship but now all I can think of is “some savage fucking her in a laundromat”! GODAMMIT joe. Nah that can’t happen. I provide a very fine and high frequency service 😉

  3. you need to be with someone who really likes you and you have to like them. If you don’t like them them it won’t work either.

  4. As soon as I hear the word “confidence” I know to tune out completely. A short, pudgy janitor brimming with confidence will not get a date. Money, looks and status attract women. You generally need either all three or extreme amounts of one or two.

  5. 2:38 Do women do this AT ALL? Of course some of them must but NOT MY EXES! And that reflects poorly upon me, I know, but why is this, what Joe says here, so rare? I swear it’s me n Joe and everybody else is a bunch of past-relationship-reflecting-haters. I have more ex- g.f.s (LTR) than Joe does (presumtious i know but not a brag in any sense) and almost none of them have anything positive to say about me or any other of their past relationships for that matter. This is the first time I’ve heard anyone else say this thing that I go around saying. So I imagine it’s just me n Joe looking back fondly and wishing only good for these ex-lovers, these total strangers. But there must be more…..

  6. This is a touchy subject. Coming from Joe who is set for life, has a family and has everything he needs to be self sufficient this type of advice seems fitting for someone who feels comfortable and secure. Not everyone is conditioned for relationships nor do I think people keep in mind the simple fact that not any one person is perfect. Relationships take time to build and a lot of the time the pieces need to fall in place for a relationship to work. If your getting into a relationship based on sex and intimacy, it might end up running dry pretty quickly if you don’t have the good life to keep things interesting and fresh. I agree with Joe though on the other hand, respect is key. But if you do find love hold on to it as long you can. It can be the greatest joy to have someone who cares deeply about you just as much you care about them.

  7. ok…. i get it. but……. when a man says “if i really love them and them being with another man is what will make them happy”…. that’s cuck faggot level shit. end of story

  8. Dude that’s the worst advice delivery I’ve heard. Poor guy probably went home and cried himself to sleep. Is Joe right, probably. But damn.

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