Johnny Kemp – Just Got Paid

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!Oh yeah! Ooh ooh yeah!
Feels good, feels good, oh huh

!Just got paid, Friday night
Party huntin’, feelin’ right
Body shakin’, all around (Body shakin’ all around)
No one thinks when I’m gettin’ down

Check the mirror, we’re lookin’ fly
Round up the posse, jump in my ride
Radio rockin’, a monster jam
Feel the rhythm, pump up the sound

I’m feelin’ so good
Don’t you know I’m just groovin’ to the beat
I’m groovin’, groovin’
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

Just got paid (Just got paid) Friday night (Friday)
Party huntin’, (Party huntin’) Place is right
(Feelin’ alright) Booty shakin’, all around
(All around baby) Pour one drink when I’m gettin’ down

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