Jordan B. Peterson – The Best Relationship Advice EVER!


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  1. Kiss your partner every day. For example, before work, after work, before going to sleep or a combination of all the three. It is a small gesture, but if there is even a tiny bit of affection between the couple, I believe that both partners will enjoy it.

  2. What if your expectations tend to be negative? Example: You expect the house to be dirty or the dishes aren’t done or the kitchen is dirty and you’ll have to do it when you walk in the door. But you find the kitchen cleaner than you thought it would be and the dishes done. Wouldn’t that deviation produce a positive effect?

  3. Many of us think of love as a strong emotion, a
    feeling we have for another person. Take a wholly different and
    life-enriching approach to love. Love is something you “do”, something
    you give freely from the heart. Learn how to express yourself nakedly
    and honestly to your partner, friends, or family, for no other purpose
    than to reveal what’s present or alive in you. Discover what thousands
    of people around the world already know: A heart to heart connection
    strengthened by joyfully giving and receiving from the heart. Is that love
    you longing to experience?

  4. Ask each other every day: how I can make your life more wonderful to day? Be sincere about your needs and curious about your partners.

  5. Relying on others for emotional happiness could be part of the problem depending on the reasons for this reliance. Energy vampires would be one such example. The vampire could say that they are not loved if they are not fed.

  6. This is actually good advice. Don’t expect your clueless partner to read your mind. You are also clueless, btw. Communicate. Work to be nice to each other.

    I use positive reinforcement methods with my horses, which has done wonders with them and without any harsh treatment. Many horse trainers use a punishment and negative reinforcement method with pressure and pain. That can work, but will never achieve the trust of a positive methodology. Many of these principles carry over into people relationships. It is funny to use the BF Skinner rat training as example for marriage, but he has good points about relationships.

    This is also good advice for raising children. My parents would criticize the one thing that wasn’t perfect and ignore all the good things. His example of the clean house and picking on the one imperfect thing reminded me of my mother coming over to my home. She would crawl under the table to find the few crumbs and point them out to me. Sigh! Not motivating to try harder after that happens a couple of times. What’s the point?

  7. Interesting. What I see is that a relationship is for ‘relating’. When someone totally ignores me, either when I come home, or they come home that’s not a relationship.
    There is no attention in the slightest way of acknowledging that I have entered the room, or they noticing me when they enter the room where I’m at.
    I’d say that these are bad signs for such a supposed relationship, and one could wonder, if it’s better to call it quits due to no interest in the other. Might as well call it ‘room-mates’.
    Another aspect is that if I have to change someone, or they tried that with me it also means that we cannot accept each other for who we truly are.
    The way relationships are described here sounds like a struggle to get along in regards to basic human respect and in regards to not having much in common. It might be also important to have some principals, and when meeting someone and they do not hold up to those standards, it’s the wrong guy/girl in the first place.

  8. Gotta train those not so smart rats!
    So much for relating as in relationship!
    Although unfortunately Jordan is probably right. Funny.
    Sounds like he speaks from experience or he’s been studying to much B.F. Skinner.

  9. Meanwhile, drill sergeants get the same response in one second. Why? Because there’s a hierarchy? Not really…soldiers can just walk off. It’s about tapping into a person’s deep desire to become a better person…but first they have to respect you, trust you.

    Be a better version of yourself, then raise expectations for people around you. It usually works. And if it doesn’t, leave their sorry ass.

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