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Hello, my loves! In today’s video, I am going to talk to you about long distance relationships and give you more advice and tips that I have. Billy and I have been doing long distance for awhile now, and I have learned a thing or two from it. No one can tell you exactly how to do long distance, because everyone’s relationship is different. Some things are going to work for you and some are not, you just have to figure out what works best for you! I hope you babes enjoy this video, and I love you all so much. Xoxo, Paige

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  1. me and my boyfriend are in a 10,207mile long distance relationship.. I live in Uk and he lives in Australia. There is a 9hour time difference so when we are both at school talking and communicating is really hard.

  2. Me and my girlfriend are in a long distance relationship and she told me we will facetime each other 24/7 bui keep trying to facetime she dosent answer and we only facetimed once

  3. This helped me so much, thx so much Paige. I’m gonna have to move across the state in the spring…and I asked my boyfriend if he was okay with doing long distance…he said yes, I’m so glad….but this vid really helped me understand a long distance relationship is possible. Cuz this will be really hard for me. Thx for this vid. Ilysm

  4. my bf and I we have very long distance between us…. I live in Denmark and he lives in Korea…. but we are doing fine, we meet as often as possible, and everything is worth it, difficult but worth it,

  5. i live in Australia and my boyfriend lives in USA we fight sometimes but we always text even if there are different time zones we love each other i trust him so much and he trust me

  6. My Boyfriend and i are dating each for an half year now, and i agree with you, it´s soo hard, but yes, communication is key. But we try to stay positiv and your video really helped. ♥

  7. If my boyfriend was only five hours away from me by car, I’d be driving up to visit every weekend… 18 hours is too much for me

  8. I hope you see this comment! I love your realistic take on LDRs. I’ve been doing long distance for 4 years during college and this June my bf will finally move here and I cannot tell you how worth it it is 🙂 some other tips if you haven’t tried them: we will have “movie dates” and Skype while we watch the same movie. doing the same thing at the same time is so amazing when you aren’t together. then we also have tv shows that we only watch when we’re together/are watching at the same time. It’s so fun to have something you only do together when the rest of your lives are so separate. keep hanging in there girl❤

  9. I’m in a ldr with someone from my university but I am from Alberta and he’s from Nova Scotia. Our school is in AB so he’ll fly home for the breaks to visit family, I see him for roughly half a year broken up into pieces. It is definitely important that you have a realistic understanding of what your relationship means to the both of you and where you want it to go. I would not being doing this if I didn’t see a future for him and I because normally I am not a distance person at all. Facetime or videochatting is definitely so helpful, a nice thing about Google Hangouts is you guys can watch Youtube videos and stuff at the exact same time. There are other little apps for Google Hangouts to make it a little more enjoyable too. I would advise that if you are the type to want to text your SO throughout the day, save some stuff for the video call in the evening. Even if it’s little thing, just so you can keep a conversation going and not text each other to an unhealthy degree during the day. The distance sucks, but if you are committed than just keep in mind the goal!! I’m a writer, so I like to write him little cards to open on certain occasions (for example: I do one for every Sabbath I am not with him just to give a little worship thought) and in each one I printed off a picture of the two of us or of something we did together. Cheers!

  10. sometimes I’m afraid that my girlfriend may not be interested anymore. But then again I have a habit to overthink things.

  11. sometimes I’m afraid that my girlfriend may not be interested anymore. But then again I have a habit to overthink things.

  12. Thank you so much for this video hunny! I’m about to go through this situation and I was really sad but this made me feel so much better. How often would you guys text a day?

  13. i hv in long distance with my bf. im curious about a thing. my bf has different when he text me and when he called me. the text who him sent to me is really short . just one words or sometimes 2. how can that happened? but when we have a call he quite talk a lot.

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