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  1. You may respond maybe not idk and also I’m too shy to make a video so I’ll go ahead and say it. I have bad luck with women. Always have. Even when I was with my ex, it didn’t go too well. Idk what it is. I always conversate with girls at school, work or even when I’m out but I end up being nothing more than a friend. Im always told that I’m a nice guy or cool guy but never anything more. It’s frustrating at times but I’m kind of used to it. Is there anything I can do change that?

  2. About the high school dating, not for a first date unless the girl is super chill and fun and you know her decently well but this would be more for after you guys have been together for a while i found turning a normal trip to Walmart into a scavenger hunt is actually really fun and my girlfriend loved it because she said she has never done anything like that

  3. I am very late but I just want to say this Video was so awesome and especially seeing you watching these videos of these people was heartmelting + you also gave good advices, I think and you seem to be in general such a cute and beautiful person (not only on the ouside of course, but also on the inside).

    Anyway, looking forward for more Videos like this.

    Btw.: The Intro was great, probably would use it for every video of this series (or something slightly different like this would also work).

    Keep up the good work. 🙂

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