Louis’ really bad relationship advice

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  1. You are wrong. Woman must go marrige in virgin state. VIRGIN ! If not YOU allow FACK YOU WIFE !!! IF YOU allow IT – THE WOMAN IS pussy, and if this pussy fack you – you ARE DICK !!!
    THIS IS society not humans , but freak/monsters !!!
    IF YOU wife is born on earth – MAN should SPEAK “NEWER MONSTER DO NOT FACK MY WIFE! ” !!! IF you AMERIKAN corrupt MY VIRGIN – I WILL avenge !!! Alone MAN – hase ONE WAY – EXPLODE THE ENEMIES (MONSTERS) !!!

    ALLAH / JeSuS / Honesty – SAY : ” DO NOT FACK another WOMAN , DO NOT FACK another MAN ” !!!

  2. I understand where you are coming from when you explain what people mean when they say they aren’t looking for a relationship. However, sometimes, very rarely, they really aren’t looking for one. I remember I got asked out about a year ago and I told her I wasn’t looking for a relationship, and she didn’t believe me. I had to explain why I am not ready for one (at the time I wasn’t entirely mentally stable as I was going through some pretty hard times and just wanted to be left alone), and that if she still wanted to be friends I would be cool with that. She got really pissed and never talked to me again. Sometimes I like my dogs more than people

  3. been going through a heartbreak recently. but after watching this made Me fvcking realize The whole situation I now have more knowledge on relationships. Thanks Louis Never thought your channel would give great advice.

  4. Louis I think you might be slightly sociopathic… It’s like looking into a mirror when watching your videos. Yes I am a sociopath too 😀

  5. This guy deserves more up-votes. Explains exactly the problem of today – partner dont want to have relationships but acts like have one when it comes to other partner’s so-called suspicious “side-moves”. However still looking herself for better catch in meantime which is covered by statement – “we are not in relationship”. When broken up in few months gets in new relationship or even marry a new guy. No grunch for lady, what makes her happy, but playing with a guy as a temp is not cool.

  6. You should think about online dating. On sites like OkCupid where you don’t have to sell yourself, but verbally precisely express who you are from the get go. As for someone who is growing up with similar, but different issues with being Intellectual atheist within a religious family and verbally abusive parent searching for an online relationship made more sense (for me).

  7. People suck nowadays .
    Been in Automotive repair for 30 years, dealing with their childish behavior ….

    Ever in Washington, I’ll buy ya a Jager shot !
    Keep it up, cool to hear common sense from other than My brain !

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