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Hi Guys!! I’m so excited to share this episode of #makeovergoals with you!! Alex and I and such a great time filming this. We hope you love it! Please make sure you LIKE the video and leave a comment if you do and want to see more!
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For this episode, Alex & I tapped into our collective experience in fashion, makeup, grooming, fitness, and relationship experience to help a couple of 7 years put some spark back into their relationship! Are you read to see this couple get made over from head to toe and from the inside out?!!!!

“Makeover Goals” is a part of the Maker Studios SPARK program.
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About #makeovergoals
From the dual minds of Eman and Alex Costa comes #MakeoverGoals! These two are helping couples looking to put the spark back in their relationship and spice things up. With each special date night planned, Eman and Alex are mentally and physically making over couples. Eman is sharing makeup tips, style advice, and a little relationship advice. Meanwhile Alex is getting you in shape with workout routines, like 8 minute abs, and facilitating a little couples therapy. If you’re looking for cute date ideas, outfit ideas, date night ideas, makeup tips, or a little relationship counseling, subscribe for more #makerovergoals!

DISCLAIMER: Neither Eman or Alex are licensed therapists or certified counselors.

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About Maker Studios SPARK:
The Maker Studios SPARK program invites creators to collaborate with Maker Studios to pitch original
concepts that could be developed into series or cross-platform franchises, with the strongest of the
concepts “greenlit” for production with support from Maker. In just a few short months, Maker selected
and collaborated with dozens of creators for the inaugural Maker Studios SPARK class, and also
provided creator support for more than 100 additional concepts, enabling creators to make content on their own.


  1. Love the concept! Executed very well. One thing I would have loved to see was more commentary from the couple. Interview them during the transformation process and get their step by step opinion on what’s going on. Also, during the styling portion, would have been really interesting to see what each of them would have pulled for one another and then tweak from there. Just an suggestion! Love love love the show!

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