Meeting My Boyfriend For The First Time ❤ (Long Distance Relationship)

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Dating for 10 months before we finally met each other, and I live in Canada and he lives in the USA. Expect Future videos of us together soon. If you have any questions just message me, i promise ill answer back. 🙂
I love you. 07/23/11

Frequently asked questions:
Are we still together? Yes
How did we meet? Xbox
Names: Alyssa and Austin

We never met before that day. The thing is if you’ve never experienced a long distance relationship then I understand how you get confused but what some people don’t understand is even though we never met in person before that day, we are still like any other couple who see each other in person everyday. The feelings are the same, we talk, text and Skype constantly. The only difference between long distance relationships and “normal” ones is being able to hold them in your arms everyday.

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