Mind Games Women Play: If She Wins this Relationship Mind Game, then you Both Lose

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  1. Women love playing “connect four” and ” clue” and they all got that one friend or family member that’s always got bad advice.

  2. Amazing!! You hit the nail right on the head. I’m tired of my clingy, pussy ass momma’s boy smothering me with smooky wooky lovey baby talk, and pouting when I don’t reciprocated cause it makes me wanna puke! Never having an opinion, always doing what ever I want because it makes him happy to please me. Now that it’s become annoying, he is smothering me even more. Even crying when he see’s a pic of me because I’m so beautiful and he misses me. I’ve started to feel ungrateful, and selfish..sigh

  3. Great advice mate! Great advice! I’ve for the past couple months have been trying to show that type of character. I guess I didn’t before because I didnt want to seem mean. But at that time, I felt I was wayyyy to nice! I feel great just balancing things out. Feel more confident in my relationship and in myself. But people definitely need to see this video. I’ve learned a bit more from it as well (that I intend to apply to myself) and can relate to what you’re saying.

  4. You’re welcome! I actually have made a video that solves your EXACT problem. It’s on my web site HOGWILD dot NET for members along with 700 other videos not on YouTube! Check it out if you’re interested!

  5. This is such a great advice! I am a girl and I want my boyfriend to be strong. Would you be so kind to make a video for women: how to encourage men to be stronger? I really try to let my man decide, I motivate him to spend time with his friends, to have his own hobbies… But I often give up and start to rule. What else can I do? Maybe I shouldn’t be initiative, give my man presents and rather accept his propositions? Listen to him more? Please, add other possible advice for woman like me.

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