My First Date Ever (Online Dating) | Storytime

My First Date story and my first online date story. I figured I’d tell you guys my first date experience while It was still on my brain. Here is the story-time of my first date ever. It was also my first online date. I used to use the app OkCupid A LOT.
I’m a late bloomer its no surprise.

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None of the Music is Mine.
Kevin Macleod for the outro


  1. Don’t forget to give a thumbs up, comment and subscribe! The video has a weird glitch at 12:57 it is not your computer or device. However I’m too tired to re-upload. Thanks For your support subscribers! Lots of Love!

  2. Giving me very much tiny, TIs “ex wife” vibes today.

    Also PLEASE do taro and astrology separate. I would like to hear the prom story. Please make the story times longer.

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