My Long Distance Relationship Advice | Young Couple & Military couples Addition

RELATIONSHIPS GOALS LONG DISTANCE !! Hey guys I’m so excited to be uploading this video. To all my Young Couples and Young Military Couples this is for you . I love doing videos like this and I know some people are going through long distance relationships like me. I use these tips everyday and me and my husband have a successful long distance relationship as of right now. I hope you guys like this video and comment and subscribe for more tips and videos. This video is a young couple addition for those that are in a long distance relationship and wanna stay in the relationship


  1. this is new to me. being in a long distance relationship with a military man is not hard but is challenging. I just be glad when he comes home so we can start our life together

  2. I really appreciate it. my boyfriend just left for the military, I cry everyday but I’m trying to be strong. really thankyou!

  3. I’ve had a few LDR relationships and they are hard. I’ve watched practically all the LDR videos on YouTube, and I just love them. I would love it if you checked out my channel! And I subbed 🙂

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