My Long Distance Relationship Story & Tips

Distance makes the heart grow fonder. Here are my personal tips on how I maintained my LDR with Dom. We came from two different worlds, spoke different languages and lived on 2 different continents. We were apart for 2 years, but made it work 🙂 It was hard but worth it. I hope you enjoyed my art and tips. Wishing you the best on your journey with love. Let me know what other questions or concerns you have so that I can help. LOVE YOU! -Mish

Dom and I answer questions about love

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This is not a sponsored video. Art and animation, editing all done by yours truly. Blessed to have this job 🙂 Thank you.


  1. long distance and over the internet relationships are for losers 😉
    and girls don’t go into relationships online especially teenagers, it’s not safe 😉 don’t follow her tips and goodluck <3

  2. God, I couldn’t do it. My boyfriend is from another country and goes there when it’s holiday time, and I can’t be more than a month apart from him. I know that if we ever break up I’ll make sure not to fall in love with someone who lives abroad.

  3. 1:20 why did you make him look so freaking anime I mean IRL he kind of does look anime but not to THAT EXTENT

  4. I am in a long distance relationship with a boy who lives in france and i live in England and my family does not know but we both love each other and have the same wish and its to se each other but we are only yung and so we dont know how to se each other

  5. What did you used to record this? 🙁 wanna do one like this about my LDR but idk how. p.s. I already have a tablet

  6. It’s really hard for me to fall in love with pretty much anyone. I can become really good friends with someone but rarely ever develop feelings. I was in a Skype group chat and people kept adding all their Skype friends until no one knew hardly anyone. Eventually a guy and I were the last two in the call and we really hit it off. We added each other and falling in love with him was like a smack in the face. It came SO quickly and suddenly. I mean like within two weeks of talking. He asked me out about a month later and now I’m going to meet him this Christmas ❤️

  7. My boyfriend moves to England in about 2 weeks and I’m just going to stay here in Norway..
    All of these comments under this video gives me hope❤
    Thank you for this beautiful video Michelle!

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