My top 5 dating locations in London – Must try!

Dating in London is fun – with out without Tinder! There are so many cocktail bars and awesome places to discover! Subscribe to my channel for more a German living abroad videos:

Primrose Hill Wine Bar:

Queen of Hoxton:

Crazy Golf in Shoreditch:

Garden above the sky:


Breakfast Club SpeakEasy:

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Hopefully this was a bit of dating inspiration for you all 🙂 The only thing I can’t help you with is dating advice – just be yourself! 🙂 How is dating in London going for you?

x sandy


  1. good recommendations however I strongly disagree with Queen of Hoxton. This place is no longer interesting since it has now been occupied by douchebags…
    It’s like recommend Tiger Tiger…

  2. London is great, but where else within England would you suggest? Assuming you have been outside the capital. So much to see & do down south, maybe you haven’t had time?

  3. Hallo Sandy. Ich war mir nicht sicher ob ich dir auf deutsch oder englisch schreiben sollte. Ab April werde ich 6 Monate in England verbringen und dort work&travel machen. Meine Frage ist, kannst du mir Tipps geben wo ich eine pre Paid Karte herbekomme damit ich Internet habe um mit Freunden und Familie in Deutschland in Kontakt zu bleiben:) ich hoffe du kannst mir helfen

  4. when you said cahoots I thought you meant kahoot like that one game I used to play at school I dunno I think this is just me……

  5. i’ve always dreamed of a date n london even though i’ve never visited it yet ! thanks for the video , i love watching you all the time , you are so inspiring , u are changing people’s life <3

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