My Worst Online Date | STORYTIME

I’M BACK. It is what it is. Here’s an online dating experience I wish not to repeat.
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Funny story, I’m back on a few dating apps (NOT Tinder) and I’ve meet numerous people. I don’t have anything interesting to share about the new people I’ve met, but this guy from summer 2016 was REALLY special. Enjoy.

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  1. Hi Alexa,
    My worst date was dating a Mexican girl who didn’t speak English or French…and I only knew like 3-4 words in Spanish. I convinced her to go on a date with me because I was speaking with her on the computer and I was using the dictionary. But when the date came…oh boy! We couldn’t communicate AT ALL. When I wanted to talk to her about something, let’s say “tree”, I would point out to a tree and really weird stuff like that. It was the definition of cringe :)))
    But I’m glad that happened because it made me so angry that I couldn’t communicate with a girl that I liked and I decided that it would never happen again! So I took Spanish classes and now I speak Spanish. I love Spanish and the latino culture in general. I’m pretty decent dancing bachata and merengue but my salsa sucks (I count the steps 1-2-3-pause and I always lose count. It’s bad!). I haven’t learned how to listen to the salsa rhythm and let myself go to the rhythm of the music because I didn’t find a good teacher to show me the proper way to dance it, unlike the other two dances.
    I tried to get in touch with you on OkCupid but I received no reply (booo! :p). I live in Laval by the way, but I could come to Montreal if you would like to meet and get to know each other.
    Let’s end this streak of horror dates that you’ve been going through and prove to people that you can meet cool people from the internet! Let me know if you’re interested in talking, or not :}
    Take care

  2. LOL I love your stories lol….I am currently with my bf of 3 years who I have met on POF but prior to that lemme tell you I met some f****n weirdos! I once went on a date with this guy who told me he wouldn’t go on a second date with me unless I went on the pill….needless to say, I dodged a huge bullet myself LOLI dropped him faster than a shooting star….These Montreal guys are something lemme tell you….but honestly dont give up, you gotta go through a lotta weirdos to meet the perfect guy for you;)

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