New Relationship Advice: Why Men Don’t Love Mannequins

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Have you ever felt like a mannequin? Like as woman, you’re sabotaging relationships and you don’t have a clue why? If yes, then watch this video as Michael Griswold offers tips that will turn around the situation you’re in.

Hey there ladies! Do you want to know why it’s so difficult for you, as a woman, to find a quality guy to date these days? If yes, head over to this separate video I created where I explain to you the reasons:

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Hey it’s Michael Griswold. Have you ever felt like as a woman that you’re sabotaging relationships and you really don’t really know why? Well in this video I’m going to give you a tip that may help turn that around for you and give you a lot more intimacy and love in the relationships that you have. So what happens a lot of times is women try to do the impossible. Women when they fall in love with a guy try as much as they can, try over and over to do as much as they can to be the perfect woman and the idea makes sense.

Well, if do everything right well then he’ll love me even more. So some common examples are they’ll make sure that they look great, they’ll make sure that they are fun, they make sure that they do things for the guy that they’re dating. But all of these just kind of pushes him further away and she’s left scratching her head wondering why? What am I doing wrong that’s keeping him from wanting to be closer to me? Well, what this does is it turns you into a mannequin and men really like women more than they like mannequins. The perfect woman syndrome turns a woman into a mannequin so what can you do instead? Well, instead of trying to do everything right which is impossible and only disconnects you from yourself, instead begin to be a bit more direct with the guy that you’re dating or once you date. Here’s an example, let’s say that you’re dating a guy or you’re going to date a guy and he says, “Hey, why don’t we go out this Friday? What would you like to do?” Often times guys aren’t very good in coming up with ideas and they’ll put it off on you. A lot of times a woman will say “Oh, I don’t care whatever you want.”, but that doesn’t really help because the guy just kind of put back on his hills and he feels pressure. What would be better is if you said, ” I think it would be great if we went for a walk in the park, or if we went and got some ice cream, or if we went out and got a glass of wine at this wine bar. It really doesn’t matter the idea you give. It’s just giving the guy something to work with.

Men love to work with things and to kinda you know work with whatever is created and by offering an idea you give him something to work with. What this does is it brings you closer together because you’re both working on it together and he feels closer to you. So try that out the next time that your, the guy that you’re dating or you want to date want to know hey what do you want for dinner? What do you want to do this week end? Instead of saying it doesn’t matter whatever you want try a bit of a more direct approach. This forces him to respect you and makes him value you more. So for more tips on how to create the relationship that you want click on the link bellow this video and you’ll get more tips and advice to create the relationship that you want without driving yourself crazy trying to feel perfect about it. Thanks a lot.

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