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In this video:

9 OKCupid tips and tricks for men to get a OKCupid date almost everyday.

In this video we going to give you 9 OKCupid tips and tricks how to get a OKCupid date almost everyay. Please be aware that these are OKCupid tips for men and not for women. Sorry ladies ;-).

Here are our 9 OKCupid tips for men:

OKCupid how to #1: Take care about your OKCupid profile. You’ll get some tips for OKcupid about great OKCupid photos.

OKCupid tips #2: Be mysterious on OKCupid . Less is more. Don’t write a bad self-description in your OKCupid bio or OKCupid profile.

OKCupid advice #3: You as a men need to text the girls first. Open your OKCupid girls you find in the search.

OKCupid advice #4: This OKCupid trick is about your OKCupid conversation which goes beyond your first OKCupid message.

OKCupid tips #5: This is a OKCupid trick how probably did not heard about in any other youtube video before. It’s about the right timing. When is the best time to text your OKCupid girl on?

OKCupid tips #6: Get her whats app number in 4 OKCupid messages.

OKCupid tips #7: If a OKCupid (OKC) girl text you first it’s a great indicator of interest. She is highly interested in you.

OKCupid how to #8: Avoid the penpal! Don’t write hours and hours, days and days, week for weeks on OKCupid or Whats App. Arrange a OKCupid Date at the same day.

OKCupid advice #9: Most important is your OKCupid opener or OKCupid line. Don’t do one of the mistake in your first OKCupid messages listed in this video.

You gotta be different on OKCupid and you can’t sound like everybody else in the OKCupid inbox of a girl. Don’t send dull openers to your OKCupid and make sure that you don’t fall within your first OKCupid message in the generic compliment section.

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