Online Dating Do’s And Don’ts For Success

Online Dating Do’s And Don’ts For Success

Dating online is part of modern day reality, and more and more people are able to find sustainable fulfilling partners through the internet.

If you don’t know what you’re doing, or if you are perhaps coming out of a breakup or divorce and looking to try online dating for the very first time, it’s important to have a bit of guidance on how to approach this process in order to maximize your chances of meeting someone that is right for you.

That’s why I wanted to do a video to discuss online dating do’s and don’ts and provide you with advice on what to share and what not to share with the online dating world.

If you’ve been stuggling with your online dating experience, please leave me your thoughts in the comments section of this video, tell me what you are having difficulties with and it would be my pleasure to engage with you and to provide you with some answers.

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Good luck with your online dating experience and hope to speak with you soon!

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  1. Hi coach Natalie me and my ex spilt up 4 months ago she recently made contact with me cause I was talking to her friends she was mad about I don’t what these means, and I recently drunk text her and she said she moving back home at the end of the month I’ve got mixed emotions about apart of me really happy she moving apart sad cause I thought she would of came around, I ended deleting her number and that what would do !

  2. I met my ex on a dating app and also lost her to someone on the same app after a year. Last month, she left me for someone who had been texting/talking to her for a few weeks. It was out of the blue. She broke up w/ me a day after they first met because she fell out of love with me and fell in love with the new one. I did the radio silent for 6 wks before I reached out to her. I waited and hoped she’d realize it was a mistake and come back, but she was determined that she was in love with the new one. I have million questions to ask. I’m not sure if I made a mistake by reaching out to her too soon. Is it infatuation or real love? Will it last longer than our relationship? Will she ever regret her decision? Am I not good enough because they have more things in common? Is there still hope? Did I deserve it? I can’t accept that breaking up with me brings her true love. It hurts so much and I’m heartbroken. Now I’m watching videos online, commenting, and sending texts to all my friends to let it out. I’m so desperate.

  3. Hey Nat! Please tell me how to act when she told me she had to change in order for the relationship to last. I was way too emotional and attached and overly romantic for her. She said she wanted her time and that she doesn’t even know how to give her time to me or anyone else anymore. She wants her free time. I have been on the NC for the past 6 days. We are going to meet after she comes back from the summer as she has something mine with her. WHAT DO I DO? How do I act?

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