Online Dating: Icebreaker Tips

Hayley Quinn of talks about her top icebreaker tips.

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  1. I am a divorced white female 50
    With 4 older kids looking for friends to start and see how it goes down the road looking long term if you would like to talk
    Send me pic and something about you please.
    NO Games
    NO one night stands
    NO talking dirty
    NO smokers
    If you are truly looking for someone then email me please
    If not good luck to you

  2. Hi i am adult . i have no boy friend for a long time . i am alone . pls i need a best person for my life . 🙁

  3. GamelsLooks, you’re right about women being shallow (although not all of them), but you are so fucking wrong about Hayley’s channel being useless. Hayley has been and is a positive influence in my life and in the life of others. What have you contributed to better the lives of guys who don’t know what to do when meeting women?

  4. Your channel is so fucking useless. All you have to do is use the photo of a really handsome male on online dating. All your jokes will be funny and you can talk about sex within the first few messages. Its all about looks. USE THE FAKE PHOTO OF A HANDSOME MALE AND YOU WILL SEE HOW SHALLOW WOMEN ARE!

  5. funny how the people who usually give out dating tips, usually turn out being the ones who can’t help themselves out lol..

  6. Icebreaker tips? I bet that guy from the whale wars will be interested in some of these for his boats so his minions don’t run one into an iceberg and sink it.

  7. I agree, all this other stuff IS game playing..the thing every one says they hate. the problem is people do not see what they are doing is as game playing.

  8. here is my advice FOR EVERYONE…boys and girls

    DO NOT ever introduce the element of psychology into your dating…..this implies; no stupid rules about waiting how long to call, retarded mind tricks that should bear a desired result, how long to wait before this or that, who has to pay… all that nonsense…. do EXACTLY as you want and say exactly what you want to say… it may work only one out of ten times but when it does, it’s going to be a person WHO THINKS LIKE YOU. you’ll be compatible

  9. Hey Hayley!

    You’re the girl of my dreams! Can you please go out with me? You’re all of my hopes and dreams. I’d love to meet you, you seem like the perfect person for me. Let me take you on date, we’ll do whatever you want!


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