Online Dating: Profile Picture Tips

Hayley Quinn of discusses her top 5 tips for a great profile picture.

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  1. i did a goofy profile with vampire fangs..a tiger toque ..just went for total non serious profile..women were messaging me .i am no pretty boy either have a underbite.cant explain that anyways met someone on pof and in a relationship

  2. Just use the fake photo of a handsome male on online dating. Problem solved. Caution: After using the fake photo of a handsome male you will become extremely red pilled!

  3. yeah youtube vids help make it simple to mac fat girls but if you want to mac fit girls you have to know why girls tick or youll get ignored check out the free video on PUA66.COM

    Why did something so wrong have to feel so right

  4. I think it’s true – don’t feature LOTS of members of the opposite sex, but definitely don’t feature NONE of them, either.

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