Online dating – Success tips

Want to have an inbox full of men waiting for their turn to speak to you, take you out and treat you like a princess. Maybe you have been online before and nothings quite come of it. Perhaps your profile is getting many hits from the guys you want. You might be thinking of starting an online dating profile. Whatever has brought you to this channel I have can help.


  1. Hi could you go into a bit details how to stay classy in those case: when u like somebody can you send the like first? Or just wait till he found me and then send the smile you mean? Also what if we kind a talk and of course be authentic but if you free and they wait conversations to spark? Also what if you feel it’s a red flag and already say next one. Simply delete? Or say something? If somebody like your profile but you don’t then rude just don’t answer to any message if him? Things like that 😉 thanks…

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