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The Jason Horton channel features awkward sketch comedy, pranks, parodies, and the series Facebook in Real Life, Epic Photoshop Fails, People of the Internet, as well as dating fails, dating & relationship advice, rants, and more.


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  4. I can understand that, but for me it’s easier to look for atheists and agnostics; they usually agree with most of my views. My primary search criterion though, is high match percentage, so that’s what ultimately decides whose profiles I read, religious or otherwise.

  5. i like ignoring religious views when looking at profiles, unless its really obvious that person wouldn’t date someone with my views.

  6. The thing that bugs me about dating sites is its like…. i dont try to have a generic message when ever i message someone..and never get replies.. ive literally been on a couple dating sites for years now and never once been on a date through them.

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