Online Dating Tips – Top 3 Lies Men and Women Tell on Dating Sites

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  7. I’m not a prinses
    I lived with my husband during that time but now we split up. so now I’m single. I wasn’t before. that’s it. those where the lies. oo and this is me.

  8. to tell lies about weight age and income is madness. as it mean they never will meet their match…. im not a cougar so a man who would be a match wont be if he lie himself younger- i dont.. its not nessesary- im proud of my age as it is including knowledge in life.. my weight im happy for and if a person ever told me lies i will know it… before they tell me. and it mean i never meet them anyhow. so that would be a waste of time to tell lies. perghaps thyose who do can attract equal liars.. or superficial people… who only get attracted by illutions… and skin,. my first husband i met by friejnds before internet excisted… and before cellphones etc lol.he said one thing that say it all about how i see superficial people… i was 16 he was 21, i said i love you.. he said nothing i asked do you love me… he said WHAT…. why else am i here… i read love novels blaaahhhh haha. but then i asked him why do you love me. and he said.. cause you look good and your hair is long and nice. my reaction was… to cut it totally short..

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  10. How about lying about having a car, then magically having an accident right before meeting up with them. U never had a car my goodness just be honest.

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