Online Dating Tips – Why Women Are Not Responding To Your Messages

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  4. men who havew a life and interests and are able to make debates get better respobnse.. when they are not hungry or desperate or comment on sex body and their own needs only.. you are hot you are sexdy hi babe.. all are degrading to the womens brain. to indirect cakll a woman aq dumb goose is not attractive. simple said. ¬†and marriage in first mail also is a turn off. as it mean he will marry anyone who would answer. it make a woman feel again… just meat… also there aare allot of men who just ask questions. also a tuurn off. as it is not interesting to be ion a interview with a journalist constant. a debate that develope and flow is .. welll its sexy respect and equality and honnesty… normal day life opinions about politics social life the world more levels of communications than just what young people want… to talk about work or income or titles is not interesting for mature people.. thats interesting i think when one is young and want to make a family… but later other deeper interests come. and if people are not able to laugh and talk serious and normal day life or more… then it wont last… i rather be single and free than in a prisson of a lonely relationship

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