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Please watch: “Stereotypes of African Men”


LaTonya shares her story of wedded bliss with her successful Ghanaian man. Good tips on how to handle meeting someone in a foreign country, along with her beliefs on how to keep the marriage sizzling.

Congratulations on another year of being happily married!

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  1. I’m a Continental African man and I’m amazed to see the interest of African men from foreign Black women. Thanks for these educational videos.

  2. Has anyone tried Troplusfix Dating Secrets? (just google it) I’ve heard numerous amazing things about this popular dating manual.

  3. I thank God for my husband, he’s Ghanaian as well. I visited him in Accra in 2015, its a beautiful place, with beautiful people❤

  4. Thank you for sharing, I love this video, very positive and uplifting….I myself been dating a African man from Gambia now for 2 years and planning to go in July or November to get engage…..did you have to take any shots before leaving US?

  5. Hmmm well my dear good warm hearted story . First , I wish all marriages well . Now to your story . First I doubt you get on a DATING web site just to meet friends and pen pals  , go to pen pal .com or . Secondly , if a person have any DOUBT you follow the brain God give not your heart ( emotions ) . I wish you two well seems the key was the cultural experience you had and got away from the men that CHEATED on you in the states . Good luck my dear

  6. I absolutely love the way my Nigerian husband treats my children and I. I have never been treated so good in any relationship in the past. So thankful for our kids and my husband. Thankful to God for allowing love to find me, and being loved. Never been loved like this before. To be loved, oh what a feeling. lol ! Mwah

  7. Thanks for your post I am dating and African man from Ghana and we are taking things real slow. I have heard so many negative things and my family are totally against it. He is loving and God fearing and very patient, it’s been 8 months now. in the beginning he was trying to marry right away and this sent up red flags. I think we now have a good pace and I hope to get to visit him soon. Thanks for sharing your story.

  8. Glad to see such a positive video about marrying an African. I too met and married a Ghanaian. He has now joined me in the UK and we couldn’t be any happier! Thanks for sharing!

  9. I met and married my husband within 9 months. I made a decision the past 2 years to only date African men. I loved the way they treated me. In making that decision I met Naija. For all the bad stories you here there are a lot of great stories like this one and mine. African are amazing!

  10. I have a question: With all the traveling and moving around they are doing, I wonder is she footing the bill for all this or is he has some monetary success?

  11. Good morning LaTonya, I apologize for contacting u so early but I’m headed to work…I’d like to leave my email to ask u a few things related to the international marriage process. Would u please contact me at…Thanks

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