People Share First Date Horror Stories

My penis is broken.

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  1. “I need to lose weight.”
    “I agree.”
    _Wait, what did she just say?_
    _Wait, what did_ I _just say?_

  2. I was dating this girl who looked just like Kate Middleton. We were at her house when her friend, who looks like a young Joanna Lumley comes round and suggests a threesome. Then I hear this noise getting louder and louder. A kind on tick tick tick brrrrrrrrrr…………blinking alarm clock!!!!!!

  3. I had a great date with a guy, we were supposed to go bowling but actually had a roast dinner (not the bad part- ish). he walked me back to mine and then said ” I love you “

  4. I DO NOT believe the guy who made up the story about the girl comming naked out of his bathroom and him turning her down

  5. I went on a date with a guy to putt putt. He wanted to go on the go carts. I went with him and he keep crashing into me. He hit me into the wall and I broke my arm. Then he said I was fat and that’s why my arm was broken. He left and made me walk to the hospital alone.

  6. This is great! Another way to share ones experiences is on the Instagram page @l.experience_ where people can be inspired and encouraged

  7. I went on a date with this guy from work, and we were originally just gonna get coffee and that was it. But for some reason he takes me to this parking lot at a movie theater and we just sit there in awkward silence. Later on we went to a park where we played tick tac toe on this playground and he ended up kissing me. When i got home later that night and i had thought he went home already he rings my doorbell again asking for directions on how to get home. A week later i quite my job and I never talked to him again after that.

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