Physical Signs That A Man Is Attracted To You

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Some of the gestures that a man makes can be very obvious, to make you feel that he’s interested in reaching the next level, especially on the first date, when he decided if he wants to advance to the second stage or by the contrary not to see the girl again.

For you not to go blindly, we’ll present you 10 signs that will show you whether he is interested or you better find another party.

1) Sweaty palms.

When you find someone attractive, you sweat.

Your body produces substances such as norepinephrine, dopamine, and serotonin, these make your body accelerate your breath and make your hands sweat.

If you shake his hand and is wet, it is a good sign.

2) Tone of voice.

Studies show that when we like someone, we change the tone how we speak.

According to the analysis by the University of Aberdeen, when a woman seems attractive to a man, he tends to talk more manly, with a more serious tone.

3) Dilated pupils.

Thanks to the release of dopamine, the pupils dilate.

A study by psychologist Eckhard Hess, says the pupil diameter increases when a man sees an attractive woman, therefore, to know if he likes you, there is nothing else to do than looking at him.

4) Body Posture.

The more a man approaches a woman is more attracted to her.

Leaning to have her closer means he likes you more.

The closer he is to you, the more attracted he feels. If he stays away, bad news.

5) Feet.

If you are both seated, his feet will tell you much of what he feels.

If his feet point to the girl, it means he wants to continue at the site, indicating he wants to continue in the process of knowing each other more.

6) Fixes his hair.

If he feels attracted to you, constantly touches his hair or fixes his tie or clothes.

Because he likes you, will seek to be perfect for you so he will take care of the details that surround him very carefully.

7) Chest out, stomach in.

It’s an unconscious gesture that was inherited when men went hunting.

Wants to give the impression that he is handsome, so to please you he will try to hide his defects and provide his best pose.

8) Smile.

It doesn’t mean that you are very funny to be around, but if he has a smile on his face when he spends time with you, it is a good sign that he likes you.

If suddenly looses a laugh, it will also be natural that he’ll feel comfortable while you are together.

9) Physical contact.

It does not mean he will be above you all the time but that occasionally tries to rub your hand or arm.

Contact must be done with respect for you and without going out of the line of a friendly approach and not merely sexual.

10) He will listen to you carefully.

You know you got his attention not only because he stares at you but also asks you what you think about a situation.

He’s not talking all the time about himself. If you attract him, he will stop babbling to concentrate on you.

Do you know any other signs? Please, tell us in the comments section below.

To learn more about the Physical Signs That A Man Is Attracted To You, CLICK HERE:

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