Pickup & Date Questions That Build Attraction

Coach Corey Wayne discusses some great questions you can ask women when you first meet them or when you are out on dates that are interesting and fun to talk about to make you stand out from the rest of the crowd and create attraction at the same time. How to be an interesting and fun guy for women to talk to instead of being dull and boring.

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Corey Wayne



  2. Guys, I tried out most of these and they worked a charm. She was at ease, really open and talkative. Obviously I had filtered her out by going out with a woman who was excited. I tried this on a 5-6 level attraction and I wish I could get that time and money back. Don’t bother with women like that, a total waste of time. One question that really got her attraction up was ‘what do you love most about your body?’ We talked about this for over an hour. Thanks Coach!!!!

  3. These questions are awesome, but in my recent experience girls usually create a game out of it by asking me to answer the same question after they do (e.g. “Bla bla bla… Now you tell me what’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done.”). While this adds to the fun of the date, it uncovers a great chunk of the mystery about me and also gives some of the power to the girls (those tricky, tricky women). How can I play this, so that I keep the conversation going, without giving away too much info about me?

  4. Dude, you need a noble peace prize! I’ve recommended your book to all my friends and all are now reading your book and making happier homes!

  5. You know Corey bout to drop game on you when you like every video before it even starts haha am I the only one ?

  6. Hey Cory, may I ask you a question? How can you relate to others when you’re parents over sheltered you as a child; never allowing you to experience the things others experience, and how can you relate to others when you two have completely different backgrounds, upbringings, and or interests?

  7. Good video! The smirk/look is a great idea cuz I got a first date on Friday and this will come in handy. Thanks again Coach!

  8. The cherry stem knot trick cracked me up! I had a chick do this to me when I was in college. She took this knotted cherry stem out of her mouth, and held it out to me, and I pretended to be amazed, then told her, I’ll bet you a kiss that you can’t untie it again! To which I promptly tossed it onto my tongue and held it in my mouth. I got the kiss, and I got the girl!

  9. Make sure you only ask the questions you also have an answer for as they are very likely to ask you back the same question. Be prepared. Don’t ask something you wouldn’t want to answer because it may come back to you in a sec. I also rather avoid questions that if the answer is “no” it breaks the flow and doesn’t develop a story.. like the “Do you remember your first day at school?”.. if she says no, you either have to tell about your first day at school (which is better be good) or move onto the next question, which can be a bit robotic.

    I stick with the questions that I know there is an answer for like “What are you most passionate about?”… she can’t say yes or no, she needs to elaborate and everyone can think for a moment and come up with something.

  10. Any guys call a girl to make the first date and get the answering machine? What do you do? Just hang up and assume she’ll call you back?

  11. I’m sitting in a popular coffee place & listening to these doctors & nurses discuss their studies & writing down their social questions & statements?”I don’t like everybody in our class as much as you guys. What’s your (DJ) name DJ deez nuts? What’s this one? I haven’t seen it yet? So, this is a normal thing? Oh, there are different rules when you’re drunk? So, in a parallel universe, you’re an alcoholic? So it goes from in to out? Have you ever played Egyptian slap-stick (explains (apparently card) game in it’s relativity to pain as follow-up to a “really hurt people question)yeah, I’m probably not going to use any of those although it’s an interesting conversation

  12. Also, I’m writing down many answers of my own to these questions as to know them inside-out! Corey, you make me proud to be here, brother!

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