Relationship Advice – Dr Myles Munroe


  1. Tell it to those sex crazed , low minded people. Communication, ambitious, making money, support each other, being an example to your children and others.

  2. I think couples simply get overwhelmed with everyday life and slowly start to disconnect emotionally. One day you are dating and in love and the next thing you know 10 years have passed and you are standing there asking yourself “Where did the feeling of love go”.  I think this is really problem in marriages.

    So I don’t understand why you are not teaching people “Recreating Love” to bring those feeling back.  You are teaching them acts of love and then turn around and say that love does not make marriages work.  But if you want a happy marriage love is needed.  Feeling completely loved and making your partner feel completely loved is important for a long successful marriage
    I believe that if you taught them “Recreating Love” you would be able to strengthen most marriages.  It is a tool just like Languages of Love, which is a great resource, but I believe it is an important tool.

  3. Awesome insights/revealed truths concerning marriage, am so blessed and pray that the whole world hears this message.
    Thanks for uploading.

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