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  1. So much validation is needed from another person these days. If the women of today find this cute and/or #goals I won’t understand it. Validate yourself. Love yourself. then and only then will you not need someone to do those things for you. You will literally just need them to enjoy life together. Enjoying life together does not mean falling asleep together because, after all “you’re tired” live LIFE together. Be partners in life and crime and fun. This is bullshit and I can’t stand how people need “shout outs” for things done to/for their significant others. We all need to grow up and get our heads out of the clouds/someone else’s ass. I love you Lauren please go back to your roots of not giving a flying fuck

  2. Lauren: “Are we really fit to give advice?”
    Cameron: “you’re not, actually this will be me giving Lauren Advice video”
    *whole video is Lauren dropping some knowledge and real amazing advice*

  3. yOU’re definitely a cute couple and I wish you all the best. But that part about the ways someone receives love just seems strange to me. Sure, it’s cute if you give each other gifts and do stuff for each other but I feel that shouldn’t be the main way to express love and feelings. You can’t just say: I’m the type who likes to receive gifts and services and expect your partner to suit your wishes. Somehow it all has to work together. Also I think every couple that really works well wants to spend quality time together. You may not always find the time, but the desire should always be there. So what I’m saying is these five ways of expressing love shouldn’t be treated as if there are people who can only receive love in one or two of these ways. Only through gifts for example.
    Also I feel that you shouldn’t always feel the need to apologize in a relationship if you haven’t done anything wrong. That can easily lead into a situation where one partner is constantly apologizing because the other one feels constantly hurt. Been there with a best friend and it’s just toxic.
    What I like about the video is that it shows that relationships also need work and don’t just always flow. Though of course I feel that mainly two partners should just feel glad to be together despite differences, because otherwise: what’s the point?
    I don’t know, some aspects of the videos just left me a little confused and giving relationship advice is such a serious topic I think. So I thought I’d just write these things down.
    I love your videos and always look forward to them! Please don’t see this as criticism. It’s just a response to the parts of the video that I see a little different.
    Lots of love!

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