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Beasting On Destiny (old gameplay) with Relationship Advice about Jealousy! More gaming videos this, I’ve just been on vacation! Hit that Like button if you enjoyed and ask me questions for relationship videos! Follow me so you don’t miss any videos or cool updates!


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  1. I need advice ASAP so my gf broke up with me because she said her dad hated me but me and her dad have been chill the whole time come to find out she started dating this other guy at my school the next day and now she is coming back to me should i cut her off or take her back I’m just scared of being alone again or if this will happen again I Don’t Know Anymore…help

  2. what should I do if I’m protective of feelings and a girl asks if I like her and I said yes but someone told her that I lied and she dated someone else then broke up with him. how should I make my first move? btw im going to have to wait until next school yr since I can’t get in touch any other way

  3. sniperwolf there’s this girl I met at the first day of school she liked me and I liked her we bacame a couple and we broke up and evreytime I tell her to forget me she says no does that mean she still likes me

  4. theis this girl i like and she smiles at me we talk a lot and we like the same thing’s my friends say just to ask her out what do i do?

  5. well about the one about not being a jerk but telling them you dont like them actually they can make you not like them….thats what happened to me

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