Relationship Advice: The Keys to Effective Communication (Coach G)

In this week’s episode of The Friday Fix we’re taking a deep dive into how to truly transform the communication in your relationship.

First we’ll dispel a communication myth your relationship might be propped up on.

Then we’ll outline the 6 key strategies to make the communication in your relationship more effective.

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Take care of each other alright!

Coach G


  1. I really liked how you say that communication is not just talking but it is also the non-verbal cues. This video was very informative and I feel like these steps will change my relationship with my better half for the better.

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  3. I really appreciate the word explicit , I have heard my partner say,” Rachel I can not channel you today I’m to busy or i don’t have the energy”. I’m an empath so i feel like he should feel me more…I realized that after watching your video. Thank you , we are not all telepathic….

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    this popular dating course.

  5. I would really love to hear some premarital advice. I’m getting married in December, so it would really help us!

  6. These are good tips for effective communication and I use your video when working with individuals and couples on effective communication to help strengthen their relationships. 

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